Inter-Regional Electric Market Model

A unique model to
analyze the competitive

bulk power marketplace

IREMM, Inc. serves the electric power industry and bulk power market participants. IREMM provides analytical tools to the electric power industry for forecasting the market price of electricity and valuing generating assets. IREMM performs studies and licenses tools to forward looking clients. IREMM's clients currently include electric power producers, power marketers, and consultants. IREMM:

The IREMM model is based on demand/supply precepts, and is not a "traditional" cost-recovery
plus pricing model. IREMM provides a broad-based, comprehensive view of competitive electric power markets that is not available anywhere else.

IREMM's e-mail address is

Corporate headquarters can be reached at (860) 651-1600, or via fax at (860) 651-1997.

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Inter-Regional Electric Market Model

Electric Energy Price Benchmarks and Forecasts
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